Editorial advisory board

An editorial advisory board has been set up for the preparation of themes and the general editorial line for Formkraft:

Heidi Laura, journalist and writer, ph.d.

Heidi Laura is a cultural journalist at Weekendavisen, where she mainly writes about design, aesthetics and material culture. Also author to a number of books, most recently about Bjørn Wiinblad and the soft modernism of the post-war period. As co-editor of Formkraft’s first publication, she has contributed with a sharp editorial line, an article on durability  and a wealth of ideas that reflect her great curiosity in the field.

Anders Munch, dr.phil., ph.d., cand.mag. i idéahistorie and arthistory. 

Professor of design history at the Department of Design and Communication, SDU Kolding. Anders is a representative in the Nordic Forum for Design History, which brings together researchers from all the Nordic countries’ design and art industry museums. Anders is currently working on a project on the transformations of the Nordic design cultures from 1960 – 1980. Anders has published books and articles and is a member of the editorial board of Formkraft, where in addition to contributing articles, he works as co-editor, on the upcoming theme, Design exhibitions. He also helps to shape the direction of Formkraft. And, not to forget, it was Anders who, after much deliberation, came up with the name Formkraft.

Lars Dybdahl, mag.art. design researcher and writer.

Lars Dybdahl has a long-standing commitment to field of craftsmanship and design. Lars has been involved in Formkraft’s journey since the beginning and has been involved in reviewing all the magazines that have been scanned and which are now available digitally here at Formkraft. Lars is the author and co-author of a large number of books in the field. And he contributes to Formkraft with his enormous knowledge of design and craftsmanship to put together the best themes and the editorial line for Formkraft.

Anne Louise Bang, Docent, ph.d.

Anne Louise Bang is a textile designer and researcher in sustainability and design. On a daily basis, she is affiliated with VIA University College. Bang’s research is practice-based and experimental in the field of research-through-design. She is interested in sustainability, textiles and dialogue between people, based on physical materials and sensuality. With a great passion for developing and disseminating knowledge in the link between practice and theory, she enriches not only her students and an entire field of research, but also Formkraft. Bang has written the leader for the first theme on durability.

Mette Colberg, udøvende kunsthåndværker.

Mette Colberg is a trained glass designer from the Royal Academy – Design on Bornholm and from Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm. Mette is therefore both practical and theoretical in her executive approach. In her artistic work, she balances in a crossroads of genre. Glass and photography are consistent and dominant in the artistic expression where transparency is continuously treated. Mette Colberg sits on the editorial board of Formkraft, as a representative of DKoD’s Executive Board and as a performing artist. Mette contributes to the editorial line and will act as co-editor for the upcoming theme about atmosphere.