Christina Christensen. Photo Dorte Krogh.

Sustainable manufacturing now!

With their unique knowledge of materials and production, craft artists and designers can play an important role in rethinking consumption – and reducing the climate footprint.

New aesthetic expressions are created from broken bricks, intestines are transformed into lamps and recycled glass into beautiful vases. Exciting new collaborations are emerging between crafts, architecture, design and industry.

Green Craft & Design Guide
Optimizing green solutions is being worked on at all levels of cultural life, but there is a lack of a unifying forum where knowledge is shared openly across the craft and design community.

Together with the Danish Institute for Cultural Studies and the Danish Design Center, Danish Craft & Design Association wants to qualify the debate on a sustainable production culture and launch a unifying effort for the craft and design field with a ‘Green Craft & Design Guide’.

Formkraft is kick-starting the project by highlighting various issues and potentials that come with sustainable production and materials.

The thematic publication offers insights into rules and politics, philosophy, current research projects and exciting cases.

We start the debate now. Follow along and contribute your thoughts on Formkraft’s social media channels.

You can also read the theme: Durability


Green Craft & Design Guide will be an open source digital platform that reaches out to the consumer and brings together the craft and design field to produce more environmentally friendly.
The initiative is 1 of 5 supported projects under the Danish Arts Foundation’s new initiative “Craft and design sets the agenda”.
Green Craft & Design Guide is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation.

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Photo: Christina Christensen, dandelion

Christina Christensen, dandelion


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