I arkivet kan du søge i tidsskrifter fra 1948 til 2009 samt i det nye Formkraft.

Skriv det du vil søge efter. Eksempelvis: et navn, keramik, udstilling, holdbarhed, universelt design mv.
Herefter bliver du præsenteret for de udgivelser, der indeholder dit søgeord. Du kan nu vælge sorteringsmulighed – fx at se de nyeste udgivelser først.

God fornøjelse.

One of the to mount exhibitions abroad etc., are here the material industrial design. In its inner core the often hold exhibitions in this occurred in west european for the opening of the new concept is so contradictory, and ceramics over the last 25 years. again arranges larger exhibitions.
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Dansk Kunsthåndværk

1966-67 Nr. #5-6
Der vil ialt være 38 forskel- exhibitions are being held by various museums, institutions and private firms. But an expansion has also taken place this year in the form of a number of også sket en udvidelse, idet flere arrangementer finder sted exhibitions in the provincial towns.
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but few can boast a CV that simply sparkles with adjudicated exhibitions, superb reviews, grants and coveted prizes. »Jeg lagde billet ind på en £ JØRGEN HANSEN The ceramist Jørgen Hansen began as a potter in his own workshop, but at an early stage looked for new challenges in both decorative commissions and exhibitions.
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reticello at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, textile exhibitions at Brandts Klædefabrik and Skovhuset, and Lise Warburg’s 40 years of tapestries in the Round Tower. The increased activity in the design area means that one ative Art in 2001 looked at can now reasonably distinguish among different types of craft art and design exhibitions.
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Dansk Kunsthaandværk

1956 Nr. #8-9
small prestige exhibitions in connection with Danish and international exhibitions at home and abroad; and In 1944, a fatal thing happened to Den Permanente. 16 years of age, not having chures, special exhibitions, etc. the proper approach in the case of purely industrial Too Exclusive Exhibitions?
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Til autumn’s two striking furniture gengæld er vi tvunget til at sidde exhibitions Walking the Plank med fødderne oppe på bordet. other graduate exhibitions. Brocher til exhibitions. e-mail: denmark@promosalons.com – Organisé par SAFI, Filiale de la cl syndicale des Ateliers d’Art de France et de Reed Exhibitions.
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Dansk Kunsthaandværk

1955 Nr. #9-10
that what was once an incitement in these exhibitions Time and again you may meet this attitude among may change into a burdensome demand for production architects: Dear me! Aren’t such guild exhibitions hope- of variants far beyond trade requirements, artistic needs lessly old-fashioned?
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2011 Nr. #
The term is used especially a case of an exclusive construction material that is not only about recurring exhibitions of modern art, architecture, design and craft. He has curated several exhibitions and contributed as a writer to more than 50 exhibition catalogues and anthologies.
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