Ruth Gilmore
Ruth Gilmour, Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk & Design 2023 (udsnit)

Symposium Crafted Realities – online

Moderator: Anne Louise Bang, ph.d. textile designer, researcher, VIA University College

Join Louise Koch, cand.pæd. and MA in cognitive science, on a journey into the Metaverse and learn why as a designer, you play an important role in shaping the future of the three-dimensional internet and the development of new virtual worlds. Discover how you can utilize virtual prototyping and new digital technologies in your artistic work.

Following that, there will be an artist talk with Wang & Söderström, who will discuss their project “The Liminal Eatery,” exploring the digital shift in our sensory experiences as activities such as eating, writing, and socializing evolve into online routines.

Also, listen to an artist talk with Astrid Skibsted, where she discusses her collaboration with fiber artist Michelle Yi Martin and how they transformed their collaboration into an improvised installation of textiles, colors, movement, and light.

In the final presentation, Tideland Studio and Stephanie Strøyer, art historian and former valuer at Bruun Rasmussen, will discuss the dilemmas of stolen cultural heritage being sold online. The conversation will center around Tideland Studio’s work “The Stolen Collection.

More knowledge

The Formkraft Archive contains a lot of interesting articles on the subject.

The Perfect Copy: The Stolen Collection by Stephanie Strøyer, MA in Art history

A Tactile Revolution by Majken Overgaard, curator and writer

Crafting the Metaverse by Louise Koch, designer and MA

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